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The largest social influencer network that connects brands with highly engaged online influencers.

Through interaction with verified influencers we are able to connect people with an authentic audience based on industries and the influencers ability to reach more people.

Why Join SMIN?

Our mission is to give our Social Media Influencers a platform to interact and grow their social presence. We collaborate with influencers to create unique content, produce more authentic connections and reaching unique audiences.

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Our Technology

We have crafted technology to ensure we work with the best influencers for your purposes. SMIN is our influencer search engine, capable of using select factors to find the influencer to fit your needs.

Our Creativity

By thinking outside of the box we help you develop a unique and compelling creative direction, collaborating with the influencers to establish a memorable message.


We make it a priority to fully understand your goals and aims. Then apply our understanding when we perform searches and manage the campaign from beginning to end, tracking, analyzing, and reporting for your benefit.

The Ultimate Influencer Network

Our proven mix of technology, creativity, people, and process enables you to identify the most impactful influencers and engage the most relevant audience for your initiatives.

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